Welcome To St Mary, Queen of Heaven, Georges Hall

St Mary,Queen of Heaven, Georges Hall





Our Mission Statement
We the St Mary, Queen of Heaven parish, are called to be
a strong, loving, caring family united in faith.
Guided by the Spirit of Jesus we desire to use our diverse
talents to reach out and encourage others.
We cherish the living tradition of our catholic church
and will seek to heal misunderstanding and hurt in
our midst, so that Jesus’ prayer may be realised.
Father may they be one as you and I are one.



This week in Our Parish

Saturday June 15
9.00AM Thanksgiving Mass —-
4.00pm Reconciliation
5.00pm English Mass
6.30pm Vietnamese Mass

Sunday June 16
The Most Holy Trinity
8.00am English Mass
10.00am English Mass
3.00pm Vietnamese Mass
5.00pm Youth Mass
5.40pm Youth Group-Galilee

Monday June 17
8.00am Mass
5.00pm Prayer Group
6.00pm First Communion lesson

Tuesday June 18
5.00pm Holy Hour Adoration
6.00pm Mass
7.00pm First Communion lesson

Wednesday June 19
7.45am Rosary
8.00am Mass
8.45am Playtime in the hall
12.30pm Mass

Thursday June 20
7.45am Rosary
8.00am Mass

Friday June 21
7.45am Rosary
8.00am Mass
3.15pm Retreat for First Holy Communion

Saturday June 22
11.00am Baptism
4.00pm Reconciliation
5.00pm First Communion Mass
6.30pm Vietnamese Mass

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
Sunday June 23
8.00am English Mass
9.00am Baptism
10.00am First Communion Mass 11.30am Baptism Leichhardt
3.00pm Vietnamese Mass
5.00pm Youth Mass

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